Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a support?

If you have some general questions, please read at first the following information provided on this page. If you still have a question, you can contact us via email .

How can I get and create an account?

After purchasing Zoommy desktop application for Mac, Windows or Linux , you receive an email with all necessary instructions. In order to create Zoommy account and register in the system, you need to enter your token key, valid email and password.

What is token? How can I get it?

Token is the unique application key, which customer receives after the purchasing up to 1.2 version. The newer versions don’t have such element and the registration process became more easy and transparent for our customers.

If I didn’t receive the email from you, what should I do?

Please always enter your valid email address as well as check out your spam folder. In case you didn’t receive the letter with instructions, please email us and we would send it manually to you.

Why account registration is so important?

The account system is the mechanism that allows us to connect applications and plugins as well as helps to reset your password in case you forgot it.

Wordpress plugin is not working?

If there is any errors you can email us, check plugin folder name and folder structure in /wp-content/plugins. Details: wordpress plugin. Also there could be some limitations because of hosting provider, folder access (chmod/chown).

I see error: 'The program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing'

Please install this package from Microsoft and restart application.

Will I be receiving updates?

As our customer you will get free updates on a constant basis.

How many copies of Zoommy application can I have for one account?

For one account you are allowed to have two copies that can be installed on two computers.

I have paid on “2Сheckout” but nothing happens

Please wait while payment system processes your order and sends callback to us. When we receive your order, we will send the email automatically to you. If you have not received any email in 30 minutes, you can contact us .

I can't open application - 'This application could not be opened’?

If you see the screen that says 'This application could not be opened’, you need to follow the following instructions. Due to the security policy of Mac OS X you should open application in Downloads folder, after that you need to move it to the Applications folder.

I am searching something and could not find it?

We have very simple naming convention: you should search simple nouns or tags. What is simple noun? For example: cellphone → phone, peaks → mountains, automobile → car. In case you forgot a necessary word, you can choose any appropriate emoji and find images that absolutely correspond to it.

How can I specify my search?

As for Zoommy 2.4 version, you can add the strict mode with the help of typing -strict in the search field right after your keyword. This feature helps you to exclude mixing results and specify your search.